Gourmet GRILL
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Welcome to Gourmet Grill

This new and very funky idea was set up to bring quality food to your function/ venue / event or home at a reasonable price. All food –  100% Beef Burgers, Pre selected Chips, Fish and Chicken products, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions,  are of a very high standard. Gourmet Grill is also one of the few catering vans offering freshly ground coffee from a proper coffee machine. These factors coupled with high quality and good value give Gourmet Grill the edge over its competitors. Gourmet Grill is fully HACCP registered with strict attention paid to hygiene, food control and cleanliness.

Have you ever had a function looming and wondered what you were going to do about food. Gourmet Grill is your answer for any of the following plus many more:

Christening party / Celebration 
18th 21st 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th parties etc
Wedding – After the church, main meal @ private function
Wedding - “the afters” at a hotel
Communion and Confirmation
Retirement party
Christmas party
GAA match celebration Parties

There are many other reasons to call Gourmet Grill, no clean up, no fuss, no preparation, people can pay for their own food or you can do a group deal. This is a win win situation for anyone who has tried it. Gourmet Grill is based in Maynooth.
Book now to avoid disappointment. Call:
(0) 87 0976138

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