Dingle Dexter Mobile Grill


The Dingle Dexter Mobile Grill

Descended from the mountain cattle of the south-west of Ireland, the Dexter cow is our only native miniature breed. It is a breed that is currently enjoying a resurgence in interest, largely thanks to the passionate efforts of the Dingle Dexter Beef Co., from whom we source the uniquely delicious award-winning Dingle Dexter Organic Burger.


Apart from the heritage and provenance of this special breed, the must-be-tasted flavour and goodness of “The Dexter” can also be attributed to the free-range ramblings of the Dingle herd who are released into a 462 hectare nature reserve every July to roam free until the following November.

Flame-grilled for that extra flavour and ground-breaking taste, as soon as you sample the organic Dingle Dexter you know you have truly arrived in “The Kingdom” of wholesome, artisan Irish produce.